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I am a PhD candidate at the University of Texas Jackson School of Geosciences (Institute for Geophysics, UTIG & Department of Geological Sciences, DGS) advised by Profs. Claudio Faccenna (Formerly UT & Roma TRE, now GFZ Potsdam & Roma TRE), Thorsten Becker (UT - JSG: DGS & UTIG), and Daniel Stockli (UT - JSG: DGS). My research interests include structural geology, tectonics, fault mechanics, and tectonic geomorphology. I use field observations, thermochronology and laboratory experiments to study how landscapes deform in response to tectonic and climatic forces. The field component of my research is focused on the Cenozoic evolution of the Northern Caribbean Plate Boundary. In particular, using the geology of Hispaniola as a key record of plate boundary reorganization in the region. To better understand how faults grow, evolve, and uplift mountains, I conduct laboratory experiments aimed at testing the frictional behavior of rocks and crustal analog materials. These materials were implemented into a state-of-the-art tectonic sandbox model at the Universit√° Roma TRE as part of a large scale and interdisciplinary landscape evolution project. Check out the project pages below for more information.

Morphotectonics of transpressional systems

Rotary Shear experiments at RDL lab UT

Undergraduate Research